Two wheeled vehicle battery electrolyte product series

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Complex sodium salt system

Suitable for cylindrical batteries with layered oxide/polyanion positive electrodes and hard carbon negative electrodes, with excellent thermal stability, cycling and other performance.

What is the difference between power batteries and energy storage batteries?

For energy storage batteries, the vast majority of energy storage devices do not need to be moved, so lithium energy storage batteries do not have direct requirements for energy density. As for power density, different energy storage scenarios have different requirements.

Why does winter affect the use of lithium batteries

The first major factor affecting temperature is that most electric scooters receive lithium batteries of model 18650. Among them, 18 implies a curved diameter of 18mm, 65 implies a length of 65mm, and 0 implies a cylindrical lithium battery temperature. Lithium battery temperature: fast science popularization | Why is the lithium battery not awesome in winter?