customer service

On the basis of a detailed understanding of customer needs, the company works closely with customers to develop reasonable plans, adopts efficient and stable equipment, high-quality raw materials, and meticulously organizes production, striving to maximize the qualification rate. At the same time, we also provide detailed and thoughtful after-sales service according to user needs. Our company will periodically conduct follow-up visits to users to understand the actual problems encountered during product use, check the usage of the product, and help solve potential problems. In the process of interacting with customers, the relevant situations and information reported by customers are recorded in detail by sales and service personnel, regularly organized into written customer dynamic information, and fed back to the general manager and relevant departments of the technology department, research and development department, quality department, and production department, providing reference basis for product production arrangement, quality stability, and new product development.

Business management system

The company has gradually established a complete, scientific, and standardized management structure and operational system in accordance with laws, regulations, and policies such as the Company Law. The shareholders' meeting appointed the general manager, and the company's senior management and financial personnel all adopted an appointment system. A scientific standard has been established in terms of personnel independence, asset integrity, and financial independence. The property rights relationship is clear, and the company has formed a management form with clear rights and responsibilities, efficient management, and coordinated consistency.

Production capacity

The company has an electrolyte production workshop with the same industry technology, as well as advanced production technologies and equipment for various organic solvents such as EC and EMC, with a production capacity of over 20000 tons. There are a total of 50 sets of large-scale production equipment and 60 sets of auxiliary equipment, equipped with relatively complete testing, analysis, and testing instruments, as well as high-quality production staff, testing personnel, and technical development personnel.
The company has developed strong industrialization capabilities and established close collaboration systems and relationships between departments such as production, technology, research and development, supply, and management. After successful development, new product achievements can be quickly put into production, forming a predetermined scale of industrial production, while maintaining stable and continuous industrial production and product quality levels.