Lithium battery electrolyte is always ready to start running


Nowadays, the development of many batteries has not met the expected expectations, but the electrolyte of lithium batteries is different and has a bright future, and there is too much technical improvement needed. The key is that there is currently no standard for lithium battery electrolytes used in power batteries, and due to the rapidly changing technology, there is not even a definite direction for development. In this situation, most battery manufacturers customize battery packs for automotive manufacturers, which is costly and the orders are small. Many people spend millions of yuan on battery research and development and supporting for a car company. Once they do it well, the car factory says that the electric vehicle project is not profitable and will not be launched temporarily. There are many examples of this, but we must also participate. If we do not participate now, we will not even have the opportunity to participate in the future. Another expert from a research institution of the Ministry of Science and Technology told the author that, based on the experience of automotive development, electric vehicle technology needs to go through at least three stages to mature: firstly, battery modification is carried out on existing gasoline model numbers; The second is to thoroughly develop a brand new electric vehicle chassis; Thirdly, on the basis of practical verification, commercial promotion can be carried out.

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The range of use of lithium batteries is becoming wider and wider now

Lithium batteries are an increasingly widely used energy storage and conversion device, and due to their outstanding electrochemical functions, they have achieved a market usage scenario of small to medium to large size. When we talk about the correct use of lithium batteries, we usually refer to small usage.